Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hide those Vegetables in your Kid's Food! Spaghetti

There are alot of tips on how to get your kids to eat vegetables. but the "pour cheese sauce on everything" was not the answer to my daughter! If she spotted even a SPECK of vegetable on her plate, the fight would start to get her to eat. So for the next few days, I will post my Tricks that even my husband didn't know just how many veggies HE was even eating!

Just about every kid loves spaghetti! This recipe can hide sooooo many veggies!
1 jar of Ragu, can of sauce OR your homemade sauce.

Fry hamburger rather than meatballs because you can hide more in the sauce. FINELY chop or food process fresh mushrooms or canned & add to the hamburger.
Now get out the food processer or blender because you want the veggies to be a smooth puree.

Cooked or steamed carrots ... cooked squash or V8 juice or all... will add all those vitamins!

Add to your sauce & they will NEVER know!

Come Back tomorrow & check out another great tip!

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