Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Fried Green Tomatoes...
put on your Apron & we will get started.
This time of year is perfect to get Green Tomatoes.

About this time of year in many gardens, an excellent vegetable hangs on the vine, ready to be picked -- but it often is forgotten. I'm talking about green tomatoes. Unripe green tomatoes left at the end of the season frustrates many gardeners.

This is a WONDERFUL side for any meal or as an appetizer at your next party!
My kids even love them as their "veggie"!

Slice your firm Green Tomatoes about 1/4 inch thick.

Bowl #1: PANKO breading if you can't find Panko, use dry bread crumbs. But panko will make it alot crispier.

Bowl #2: Flour with a little salt & a little onion powder

Bowl #3: beaten eggs

either deep fry with Vegetable or canola oil OR pan fry in 1/2 inch oil.

Dredge your tomato sliced ... first in flour... then in egg ... then in panko or bread crumbs.

Deep fry or pan fry till golden brown. If pan fry, turn slices.

sprinkle with salt & serve warm & crispy with Ranch Dressing!

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