Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ranch Dressing... how versatile

I LOVE Ranch! Dressing AND Dry packets!
As Emeril would say "put it on a car bumper & it will taste good"

Well here are a few reasons I ALWAYS keep ranch dressing in my fridge & season packets in the cupboard!

* Marinade or dry rub
Chicken, beef, ribs & pork!!! Marinade in dressing or dry rub overnight before roasting or grilling. Try marinating CHICKEN WINGS with the bottled Ranch dressing!!!

* Mix dry packet with softened butter & use on your corn on the cob!

* Mix dry packet with sour cream & top your baked Potatoes

* Mix some dry in your Mashed potatoes. Add to instant potatoes to make them taste GREAT!

* Sprinkle Dry packet on sliced veggies & put on the grill!

* Slice Mixed Veggies in a foil packet & shake in some dry ranch. Cook in the fire or grill.

* Mix into Hamburger for REALLY good burgers. OR add to meatballs & make a sour cream gravy as appetizers.

* Make a white sauce & add either dry or bottled ranch... pour over egg noodles with some cooked chicken strips.

* Sprinkle dry mix into bread crumbs or panko breading & use for a breading for chicken, fish or deep fried veggies.

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