Thursday, November 26, 2009

Save That Turkey Carcass!

The best Turkey stock is made from that leftover turkey carcass!

I end up with at least 6 quarts of Turkey Stock that keep me "in soup" for about a year.

After cleaning off all the meat from the bones (freeze or pressure can your meat)... I use my big roaster ... add the carcus, lots of water, all the leftover celery (leaves & all), carrots (skins & all), onions & salt. All in large pieces so I can strain out easier.

I even add some poultry seasoning. Simmer...Simmer...Simmer till all the bits of meat are boiled off the bones & they are falling apart. Keep adding water if it gets too low. I usually simmer for several hours.

Then strain the broth into a large bowl. I also use one of those oil separators so I get a really clear broth. Let cool & you can do a few things, whichever is easier for you.

You can pressure can it in pints or quarts. Freeze in quart or gallon freezer ziploc bags OR... fill ice cube trays, freeze & then put cubes in ziplocs. You can then use a smaller amount in casseroles or small portions of soup broth.

So DON'T toss that carcass..... you can have Healthy & Delicious Broth for months to come!

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  1. Great information. I didn't have a turkey to do this with until yesterday when I got it half off. After it's done in the slow cooker I might give this a shot.