Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Secret CopyCat Recipes ... not so secret anymore!

Have you ever been to a restaurant & REALLY wanted a recipe for something that was SOOOO good? Well... I'm hooked on Todd Wilbur's Cook books.

Not only do I have the Clone recipe for a TON of Restaurant recipes... but brand name products as well! Candy ... Sauces ... Soups & a whole lot more.

Everything from Cherry Slurpees to Wendy's Chile

All of these cookbooks are FABULOUS!!! Want to make "Thin Mints" cookies at home? Yep... a clone recipe is in there!

So check out these books! Fun to cook your favorites AND the kid's Favs!!!

So get dad his BBQ Apron & recipes for Red Robin Burgers for your next cookout.

( I get nothing for blogging about these cookbooks.... I just LOVE them & wanted to share)

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