Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pillsbury Dough Magic - breakfast pockets

I am a pillsbury dough fanatic! I make breakfasts.. lunch... dinner, snacks & desserts all from different pillsbury doughs. I have a whole cookbook & I make some up as I go. So for the next few days I will be posting some of my favs! So check back often for new ideas!

Today is Breakfast: Fast... fast... fast! So put on your Apron & get ready to cook.

This one I made up so no real amounts of everything... I just make to our tastes.
This is a great recipe to do up a bunch ahead & keep in freezer. Kids can just grab one & nuke for a healthy breakfast on the go.

fry some breakfast sausage (not links)... drain off grease... add some shredded hashbrowns. (or chop up tator tots) You can add onion or green pepper IF you like. Fry till hashbrowns are cooked to your taste. Scramble a few eggs in a dish, add salt & pepper. then scamble into sausage & hashbrown mix. Mix till eggs are cooked. Add a little of your favorite cheese (we like American).. stir in till just melted... let cool while preparing cresent dough.

Open cresents (at least a couple rolls)... "fuse" 2 triangles into a Square. Add sausage mix to 1/2 of side & fold over. Seal the edges. (I sorta roll the edges up a little to seal)

Put on ungreased cookie sheet & bake at 375 till light golden brown. ( about 10 min or so)

NOW... eat some & let the rest cool. Then to freeze the rest, I flash freeze before putting into ziplocs. Lay the pockets on a pan or plate & put in freezer for a few hrs. Then take them out & put in ziploc or vacuum seal bags. Kids... & adults can then just take one out & nuke. I like to nuke & then put in oven to crisp up the cresent.

Great HEALTHY "on the go" breakfast for the whole family!
**you can make smaller versions for a great brunch item too!

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  1. For the ones you freeze; Do you bake them before you freeze them or do you freeze them uncooked?