Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thanksgiving Day Turkey

Put on your Apron & get ready to cook that bird!
To brine or not to brine ..... roast ... smoke .... deepfry... stuffed or not ....
Soooooo many choices & everyone says theirs is the juiciest.
Share YOUR Juicy Turkey recipies with us!!!


  1. I Brine & roast. I thaw & take out gibblets (save everything but liver for gravy ... I nuke the liver for my dog)
    Then I put the turkey in a DOUBLED 30 gal. trash bag. I pour in about 3 gallons of cold water & 1 cup of kosher salt per gallon of water. Then I go through my fridge & dump in any fruit juices, white wine, cut up oranges, apples, grapefruit... toss in rinds & all. Add brown sugar, garlic cloves & poultry seasoning... I even dump in some rum, brandy, beer or whiskey (whatever I have available)
    Get most air out & tie the bag. I put in cooler & dump ice cubes over the bag. I sorta turn every couple hrs & set overnight.
    On thanksgiving Day... I take out & rinse & pat dry. Stuff soft butter mixed with onion & garlic salt & poultry seasoning & stuff under skin with my hand. Roast in my electric roaster till done.
    Mine IS the juiciest! LOL

  2. I use those Reyonlds Oven Cooking Bags that you can find at most grocery stores. It comes out moist everytime!

    First I rub the turkey with oil and sprinkle it with alittle salt (helps bring out the favors) and then I stuff the bird. Don't forget to shake some flour inside of the bag (I think that's to prevent the turkey from sticking) and cut 1 or 2 slits in the bag on top - otherwise it will blow up like a balloon!!!!

    Cook at 325 degrees at varying amount of hours (depends on the size of the turkey - I always cook it longer though than what the directions on the box says)

    The last hour I do open it up and baste it every 15 minutes to make it extra golden brown like we like it!

    P.S. I always use those stuffing sacks inside of the turkey to cook the stuffing in. When the turkeys done you just pull out the sack and empty into a bowl and mix. No work trying to spoon out the stuffing and no mess inside of the turkey!

    Simple and perfect every time !!!

    Happy "early" Thanksgivings!!!

  3. I cook it UPSIDE DOWN no matter whether I use the Reyonlds Oven Cooking Bags or not ---
    It's unbeleiveable how much better it test just turning it over!