Thursday, October 23, 2008

Funny Cooking Stories

Forget to take out the giblet bag? Used Salt instead of Sugar? Dog ate the roast?

Tell us your funny cooking story!


  1. One Year I was brining a 20 lb bird. I had gallons of brine in the trash bag with the Turkey. Well I went to pull it up to shake it & THE WHOLE bag broke & I flooded the entire kitchen with brine & this was late the night before & I had no more Ingred. to do another brine. Needless to say... I now double bag & on "roll" the turkey in the bag & NEVER shake!!! LOL What a mess that was!

  2. One Easter when I was dying lots of eggs, I accidently dyed a dozen that wasn't hard boiled yet. Well, you can imagne how embarressed I was when people started to peel their eggs.....raw eggs all over the place!!!

    I now keep track of which eggs I hard boiled!!!!