Sunday, March 28, 2010

Good Old Fashioned Recipes!

We all have our favorite cookbooks & mine is this wonderful, "down to earth" recipes with a few surprises pictured below.

My Grandmother gave me this cookbook that was first copyrighted in 1927.
It's called "The American Women's Cook Book"
Do you want a recipe for Headcheese from a whole Hog's head, Roasted Opossum or Squirrel? Well get on your Apron & start cookin "Granny's Favorites".... Ring the dinner bell & call in the "Younguns" from the field. LOL


  1. If you really need a Head cheese or possum recipe... I can send a bigger copy. I just didn't actually think anyone was planning on cooking it :)

  2. Brunswick Stew recipe I have uses any game meat and root vegetables.