Thursday, March 12, 2009

Recipes with the Best Dip Mix sure lives up to their name! They are in Colorado & offer free shipping & discounts for quantity orders!
I have tried almost all of them at the "taste of Colorado" & "Peoples Fair" in Denver & they are all fabulous as dips & cheese balls. I have found that the value is terrific too! They are really potent & found I can add twice as much mayo & sour cream OR 1/2 the package for a regular batch.

HOWEVER... I discovered a few extra recipes that I made up with these mixes.

Parmesan/Garlic Chicken wings.... cut up chicken wings. Mix the parmesan/garlic dip mix with a few tbsp Olive oil. Marinate wings & bake.
The other mixes would be great too if you like some Hot & spicy... try the Dragons Breath DOUBLE Habinero ... HOT_HOT_HOT!!!
Any of the southwest or garlic mixes are AWESOME rubs on poultry... ribs... roasts or steaks!!!Buffalo, Elk, Venison, Beef or Pork. Rub meat with olive oil & dry dip mix. Wrap in saran wrap & keep in fridge over night. Grill or roast meat. WOW!
Mix your favorite into Hamburger for EXTRA Special Hamburgers! Your guests will be going back for seconds!
Don't forget a special Apron when you are doing that backyard BBQ!


  1. I adore aprons !
    I have many of my Grandmothers old ones.

    The vintage ones are my favorite, but I will make myself some new one too.

    I have so many aprons, but it never fails that I get busy and forget to put one on until after I have already made a mess - LOL

    Oh well, they LOOK pretty hanging displayed on the hook.

    Organically Yours,

  2. Oh... add a few tablespoons of your favorite dip mix to softened butter. Mix well & use it on corn on the cob or on toasted french bread!